Data-driven management


Step 3: Campaign Execution/Part three: Data-driven management


If your brand growth plan is going to deliver, you need the right tools and resource to analyse and optimise your approach in real time. Everyone in your business should be focused on what's happening on the ground rather than blindly following a plan.

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Reporting tools.

The right digital reporting should give you actionable insights to make dynamic changes to your campaigns to keep delivering engagement and conversion. This means defining and focusing on the user behaviours that really matter, not irrelevant, vanity metrics. For this we use a range of tools and metrics:



We use Databox to send out bespoke weekly and monthly reports based on agreed metrics and KPIs integrated from GA and HubSpot. Reports include web analytics, as well as campaign performance data and other detailed marketing and sales stats. Digestible, graphical snapshots of activity like this are vital for sharing information across a business and keeping everyone on the same page. They can deliver actionable insights that help teams optimise campaigns and activity on the fly.

Blogging and content performance

We use HubSpot for topic cluster management and analysis, showing how the bi-directional links within campaign pillar pages are maximising the authority of your brand with key topics. It can take weeks and months for certain blogs to become influential, so our detailed blog reporting tracks and identifies changes in performance by week, month and quarter. This means you can always see which articles are trending and what content is converting. Blog and pillar page reporting feeds into future blog planning to keep your publishing strategy responsive and effective.

Hotjar reporting

Sometimes you need to concentrate on the detail to drive performance. Away from the metadata of major web analytics, Hot Jar heat maps can show you exactly how customers are behaving on specific pages of your website. See where CTAs are failing and layout can be optimised to increase conversion and improve customer experience.

Web analytics

We lever the powerful reporting tools in HubSpot to deliver the insight you need to optimise performance. Total web views, unique visits, bounce rates, referral stats and conversion rates - shown weekly, monthly and quarterly - all help you understand how your audience is growing and being converted into leads. Meanwhile detailed sales funnel stats will show MQLs becoming SQLs over time, as well as other lead generation and conversion data.

Campaign reporting

Campaign reports show traffic associated with each inbound campaign you’ve set up. They drill down on the number of new contacts created and those contacts influenced in the sales cycle as well as attributing revenue from sales.

Email reporting

Email is vital to campaigns and lead nurturing; you can’t just send and forget. Our email reporting gives you the detailed clickthrough, conversion, bounce, open and unsubscribe stats you need, but also email sharing and forwarding, list growth rate and overall ROI.

Moz reporting

Moz drives in-depth keyword and brand authority analysis. It can identify rising and sinking SEO rankings, key content ‘snippeting’ opportunities, as well as offering inspiration and direction for more detailed content that your audience will respond to.

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