27 ideas to break your creative slump

Published Apr 24, 2018 | Written by Jeremy Knight

Writer's block is an age-old problem for content marketers. If you Google writing tips you will undoubtedly come across pages of articles offering solutions. It is a topic we have covered recently on our blog too:

Beating writer's block: 10 tips for B2B bloggers

The article below is a collection of 27 ideas from fellow content marketers to overcome your slump in creativity. 

Yeah sure - there are a few of the obvious ones - take a break, go for a walk, phone a friend etc. But there are also some more original, and frankly genius ideas. Here is a couple of my favourites:

Grab some toys

André Rampat suggests getting out some lego blocks. "On each block, write one word or phrase that relates to your products and services". Then set to work building with them. Put together random combinations of bricks and look for new word pairings or ideas that emerge. I love this idea - not least because - who doesn't love Lego and want an excuse to get paid to play with it? (surely it's not just me). 

Do some colouring in

I also love Angela Reina's idea. Move away from your screen, get out a colouring book and some colouring pencils and colour in a picture. "Coloring brings you back to childhood, and we all know how imaginative and creative children are". I'm going to try this one when I need to re-energise and regain focus on a task. 

These are my top two. Read the full list below and bank the ideas for next time you are in a content writing slump.


You can’t write that lead. You can’t come up with the visuals to illustrate the story. You feel like you’re crafting the same content you did yesterday. Wait, or was that last week? You can’t imagine how to find another way to talk about your core topic.

Well, instead of watching a mocking cursor, take a tip (or 27) from your fellow marketers on how they get out of a creative content marketing slump.

Published by Jeremy Knight April 24, 2018
Jeremy Knight