A Guide to Smarter Coffee Drinking

Published Sep 04, 2017 | Written by Jeremy Knight

According to research, coffee consumption amongst marketing professionals is the second highest of all professions; and the team at Equinet are no exception to this. 

Nothing sends more panic through the corridors of Equinet House than the realisation we are down to our last tube of Nespresso pods. 

So, imagine my delight at coming across research that demonstrates that there are health benefits in drinking coffee. There are however provisos, and - shock horror- an app to help you measure your caffeine intake.

If you don't have time to read the full version of the article, not only has Brendan Brown, and the 'Art of Wellbeing' team come up with an easy to digest infographic, he has also summed up the key takeaways in bullet point form:

  1. Drink it between 10-11.30 am and 2-5 pm.
  2. Don’t drink more than 4 cups per day.
  3. Use an app to monitor caffeine intake.
  4. Avoid adding sweeteners and poor quality cow milk.
  5. Drink organic coffee only.
  6. RESPECT it.
  7. Enjoy your java! It’s good for you.


I struggle a little with the concept of not drinking coffee before 10, and I am pretty sure I can count to four without the help of an app. But if you buy a lot of coffee to go, it could be a useful addition to your iPhone as the strength of coffee varies from coffee shop to coffee shop.  

I am also a huge fan of the concept of an afternoon coffee nap, but I don't think my MD, Jeremy Knight would agree.


Although it’s long been lambasted in some quarters of the health community, coffee is no longer understood to be unhealthy for us (generally). In fact, according to a growing body of evidence, quite the opposite is true. 

Published by Jeremy Knight September 4, 2017
Jeremy Knight