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B2B Buyer Personas

The Insider Guide to Developing & Using Buyer Personas



Download this eBook to discover how to develop buyer personas that will help shape and form content that resonates with your customers and prospects.


What are they? Review the definition of a buyer persona, what they are not, and where and when they are best used


Why they matter: Find out why they are a vital component of your marketing strategy and how they inform a content matrix


Development process: Learn how to manage the buyer persona development process in your company


Persona triggers: How to identify change drivers, perceived barriers, success factors and decision criteria for your personas


Buyer's journey: Map your customer's needs at each stage of their experience of sourcing a solution 


Buyer interviews: Discover the right questions to ask and a methodology for interviewing customers

The Insider Guide to Developing & Using Buyer Personas will help you create comprehensive profiles for each of your buyer personas. 

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