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The Inbound Sales Enablement Process

Inbound marketing will generate new streams of leads for your business. How your Sales team deal with them is important. An inbound lead is more informed and more qualified than an outbound lead.

You will know the type of persona, lifecycle stage, web pages viewed, and content downloaded. And, for many, they will have been nurtured through workflows, at each step attracting negative or positive scoring which helps generate marketing qualified leads (MQL) that are ready for Sales qualification.

When Sales contact the lead, they need to be fully cognisant of all that information and be communicating at a different level than they would with an outbound lead. But they may also benefit from taking an inbound sales approach to further qualify MQLs to sales qualified leads (SQL) and Opportunities.

Developing a plan for sales enablement can be as light-touch or comprehensive as you choose. The important thing is to consider how you are going to deal with inbound leads and who is going to be responsible. Then you will have a roadmap from qualified inbound lead to paying customer.

The Inbound Sales Methodology 

Inbound Sales Methodology
  • IDENTIFY: The inbound sales pro knows power has shifted to the buyer. Not everyone in their sales funnel is ready for a sales conversation. Or even in an active buying cycle. They are using social media, online research and specialist technologies to narrow their focus. Sales need to focus on prospects that are ready to connect.

  • CONNECT: Buyer’s don’t want to be ‘sold to’. They are looking for insight and knowledge around their area of interest. They want help from someone who can understand the context of that interest. The inbound sales pro will focus on building trust before reaching out to speak with a prospect. And they will take every opportunity to personalise the experience.

  • EXPLORE: Nobody wants to be spoken at. When an inbound sales pro has connected with a prospect, they are in exploratory mode. They ask relevant and informed questions. Then listen and adapt to 'follow' the conversation and build more trust. They are tuned into discovering the prospects real intent and ascertaining if their solution is a good fit.

  • ADVISE: The inbound sales pro mantra is “always be helping” (not closing). They are unlikely to be rolling out the same presentation deck to every prospect. They are offering advice based on the challenges, circumstance and needs of each contact. And they are using content, language and propositions they will understand.


As traditional sales techniques get harder to deliver on and buyer behaviour continues to change, the new data-driven environment can overwhelm sales reps. Left unchecked this can lead to a drop in productivity and results. Implementing sales enablement can redress the balance and empower Sales with the tools and techniques to deal with this new reality.

Sales Process Review

Sales Process Review

Have you got a documented sales process? Is the process functioning as it needs to? Are there any ‘disconnects’ in the sales process you should address?

For example, if the sales team books a lot of initial consultations every month, but very few result in closed customers, you should investigate the consultation process.

A Sales Process Review provides data-backed analysis of your company’s sales process to discover areas where sales performance could be improved and new sales techniques should be introduced. This can include an audit of sales materials including:

  • Customer case studies
  • Checklists
  • Product demo decks
  • Competitive intelligence reports
  • Steps to working with X
  • Pricing and services guide
  • Reference showreel
  • Sales email templates

We recommend a Pilot Scheme in the first instance where we work with a select individual or small team to ‘prove the case’. Rolling out a new sales process is more likely to gain traction with the whole team in this way.

Sales Content

Sales Content Creation and Design

Do you have sales collateral that needs to be designed professionally in line with your brand, website and marketing materials? Do you have all of the sales materials that you need to support your sales team at each step of a modern sales process? 

Working from what was discovered during your Sales Process Review we can help write and design any missing assets and improve existing materials if required. We can also develop a reference showreel video.

We can develop email templates that leverage the power of the HubSpot marketing platform and CRM. These email template can be used with 'Sequences' in the Sales Pro toolkit to help implement the inbound sales methodology. 

CRM Integration

CRM Integration and HubSpot Sales Pro

The HubSpot CRM integrates with the marketing platform seamlessly. And it is included in the package so you are not paying extra for it. If you are operating without a CRM or maybe working with an expensive solution that is not being properly utilised, this is very good news for you.

Whether moving from an existing solution or setting up for the first time, Equinet can help your migration, with your setup in the CRM, and advise on the value of the HubSpot Sales Pro license. 

Sales and Marketing SLA

Sales and Marketing Alignment

The idea of creating a service level agreement (SLA) between Sales and Marketing is not new. And nor is it easy. The big differentiator is making it work. And for that you need to establish a common language. Ideally, you need champions on both sides committed to seeing the process through, because it’s not a quick fix.

Viewed from a different angle, can you afford to avoid it? Historically, both teams are diametrically opposed. Ironic when one considers they are both parts of the ‘Revenue’ department when all is said and done.

Equinet will work with you to define an SLA that makes inbound sales and marketing a harmonised and harmonious process. We will help you:

  • Create a common language around leads
  • Define the process of ‘hand-off’ from Marketing to Sales
  • Develop an agreed definition of qualified leads
  • Get commitment on delivery of meaningful sales leads
  • Sales to feedback and ‘close the loop’ with Marketing
Inbound Sales Reporting

Inbound Sales Reporting

One way to get meaningful insights from your data is to agree on a set of standardised sales reports. Reporting needs vary but common reports include:

  • Activity logged by each salesperson
  • Consultations or demos delivered
  • Leads generated and worked
  • New customers and deals lost

Sales leadership understands what reports matter to their business. But, maybe they lack the technical ability to create these reports. Sales enablement software and know-how is invaluable here.


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