Today's customers can be better informed with technological advances and artificial intelligence (AI).

In the B2B landscape, customers typically research, evaluate and consider information about a brand, product or service independently, often long before talking to a salesperson.

Now, Industry 5.0 is poised to change everything again. With a growing demand for customised products and pressure to get products to market faster, all while staying one step ahead of the competition, the need for agility is essential.

With better-informed customers and prospective buyers come heightened expectations on sales teams. Buyers are looking for added value and relevant insights – not to be sold to.

Imagine if a salesperson was alerted that a contact was engaged, perhaps 50% of the way along a buying process and ready to talk. And they could see what the contact had previously read or watched. Now imagine that these insights gave the salesperson the means to pick up the lead and focus on value-add and the reassurances required to move the deal to close. This is sales enablement.

This report is for sales team leaders, marketing managers and CEOs planning strategies and looking for practical ways to address how they hit revenue and growth targets.

Whilst each company and sales process will be unique; sales teams still need support and tools to help them prioritise qualified leads and close deals reliably.

Marketing teams need feedback to fine-tune communication, ensuring they are customer-centric and support the customer journey. CEOs require departments to work together, realise efficiencies, and secure revenue and growth targets at scale throughout the business cycle.

Without a customer-centric approach, sales teams will remain hampered. Growth targets could be missed. Effectively, sales teams will be operating with one hand tied behind their back.


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