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Traditionally website build is ‘set and forget’. After three years, ditch that outdated website to re-start the cycle of looking to a new website to save the day. But this is an obsolete approach.

Building a launchpad site, then making incremental improvements driven by data and user behaviour becomes a fundamental tenet of creating a better brand experience.

As long as you construct a sound foundation, this process of continual improvement will evolve and add value in line with the outcomes you need to achieve from your number one sales and marketing resource.

The website workshop 2 (1)

Workshop Outputs


Copywriting Framework

Drawing on the priorities and direction agreed during the workshops

The Wish list

Providing the elements and priorities for growth-driven cycles post-launch

Design Guidelines

A high-fidelity wireframe of your homepage with colourways, fonts, styles agreed

Website wireframes

Connecting the site's information architecture to its visual design

The Sitemap

Establishing the framework for your launchpad website

The Project Plan

Timelines, accountabilities and scope agreed and live in a project plan in 'Monday'

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How a website redesign starts with a launch pad site

The launch-pad site.

A launchpad website is built fast and serves as the foundation for future optimisation. The principle is to get to data-driven decisions that inform ongoing iterations towards optimal outcomes.


Page plans

Page outlines are scoped for each primary page with special attention on user needs and SEO objectives.

Content-first and wireframes

We collaborate with you to complete copywriting and build page flows for design-ready prototypes.

Design sprint

With page prototypes in place, new designs get completed fast, prompting feedback and final designs, ready for development.

Development sprint

Coding in HubSpot CMS, links, metadata, browser testing, speed testing, integrations, with heatmap and screen recording in place.

Migrate secondary pages

We migrate secondary pages from your existing site to the HubSpot CMS within the framework of your new design.

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Cycles of continual improvement.

Once we’ve launched, we start ongoing cycles of experimentation and consolidation, learning from and improving the experience of real customers on your website.

At each stage, we ask how each new website feature we’re planning relates and provides value to them, to ensure we are always evolving to serve them better.

This is the cycle of plan, develop, learn and transfer that feeds into a process of data-driven, continuous improvement for the whole business.

Cycles of improvement 4 (1)
Agile infographic-1


In each cycle, we set focus metrics to improve. The most impactful ideas to achieve the goal get prioritised into time-bound sprints.


Now we build the action items prioritised in the planning step. We will likely identify the best tactics for driving increased traffic to the item location for accelerated data collection.


Post execution we review and analyse the data to understand what worked (and what didn’t) to inform ideation in the next planning step.


Once we’ve validated items, we share learnings with marketing, sales, service, etcetera. Cross-department collaboration can help inform adjustments for peak performance.

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