Why does your website need UX & UI design?

Is your site failing to convert visitors to leads? Is it looking tired and outdated, or is the navigation difficult for your end users? Is it hard to change and update? Is it delivering a poor mobile or tablet experience? Sometimes it’s easy to see the problems but more difficult to visualise what the right solution would be.

These all matter, of course, but is your site focused on what your ‘ideal customer’ really wants and needs from your brand. As soon as you start thinking in this way, a lot of decisions about a redesign become easier to make. Thinking about the way your customers consume media, the devices they use, the questions and challenges they face every day, can all inform a dynamic design approach that constantly adds value for your target audience.


Our UX process

UX (User Experience) is about solving problems for the end users. It’s about what it feels like to use a product, system or service. We want the user to feel in control, feel confident, feel smart and to trust the website and company they are interacting with.

1. Research

Research is the key ingredient underpinning UX Design. Strong, focused research is fundamental to understanding the problems we are attempting to solve for users. We do this research via activities such as competitor analysis, stakeholder interviews, online surveys and usability testing.

2. Analysis

It’s only through analysing the data from the research stage that you can clearly articulate the problems you’re attempting to solve for the user. We do this by creating affinity diagrams, customer journey maps (information architecture) and developing user personas. Only then can we truly understand the problems that need to be solved.

3. UI Design

A lot of work is required before you can start to ‘design’ a website. Before you design pages, you have to step back and consider the structure of your website and how you want your users to flow through it. We define a clear site structure, user interface, screen layouts and interactions for your website, giving your users intuitive navigation, smooth flow and an onbrand visual.

4. Hi-Fi Prototyping

A prototype is a simulation closely resembling the final product, which is used for testing and approval prior to build and launch. The goal of a prototype is to test design ideas before sinking lots of time and money into the final build. Prototyping is essential for resolving usability issues before launch. It can also reveal areas that need improvement.

5. Build

Our team of expert developers then take the approved prototypes and code them into the HubSpot CMS, we set up links, metadata, browser testing, speed testing, integrations, and analytics tools, ready to start of ongoing GDD cycles.

6. GDD continual improvement

In GDD (growth-driven design) every design decision is taken based on real data and customer insight collected from our ongoing analysis of your live website, with the sole aim of driving engagement, conversion and growth. We add to (and subtract from) your website in an agile way, planning and building out new functionality in quarterly cycles of continual learning and improvement. It’s an agile, customer-focused approach to maximising growth that is increasingly relevant for unpredictable and uncharted commercial times.

Why does your website need ux-ui design

The bottom Line

If your website is not helping your business, it’s not working. If it’s not attracting and converting the right people, at the right time, if it doesn’t feel relevant and easy to use - then it could be time for a website redesign.

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