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Attract Visitors And Get Found By People Looking For What You Do

Create the right mix of informative and educative content. Develop keyword research around the fears, interests and aspirations of your key personas. Optimise across your site and promote through social channels.

Blogging at the heart of inbound marketing

Blog for inbound marketingA well managed, well-written blog can attract visitors and help establish you as a thought leader. It can enhance your position as trusted adviser. It will keep you top of mind with existing customers. And drive more relevant traffic to your website.

A blog with insightful advice and intelligent opinion can get commented on and shared. And, each time you post you add a new page to your site making you more visible to search engines.

Google takes more notice as your site grows, and posts gather social proof. Each post creates opportunities for links back to your site, building authority. And each post creates an evergreen asset that keeps on giving as it continues to get found.

Blogging is by no means a new phenomenon. Any new blog has a lot of noise to cut through; to succeed you need to consider blog management from every angle.

Blogging is a skill that requires commitment and discipline. You will need to stick to content schedules if you want to write posts in-house.

Equinet can provide blog training. And we can help develop your internal blog strategy as part of an ongoing inbound commitment.

We can also write for you. We identify the problems your personas are trying to solve. We crystallise the issues they seek to understand. And we qualify the questions they need to answer.

Equinet can help:

  • Devise your blog strategy including keyword research and integration
  • Plan your editorial pipeline
  • Sub-edit your internal blog output
  • Write posts for you
  • Implement post optimisation
  • Source and place appropriate pictures with associated links and alt tags
  • Create associated calls-to-action and landing pages

Social media is integral to inbound marketing

Social-mediaSavvy organisations understand that social media shouldn’t be a separate activity or an afterthought. It needs to be a central part of their marketing efforts.

Social media has to be a two-way interaction (not a broadcast). How to do this well is not straightforward. Active social media connects with prospects and customers, spreading confidence in your business and driving value.

With inbound marketing, social incorporates into the mix from the outset; it requires:

  • identifying how social media can help you achieve your business goals
  • an effective social media checklist and a robust social media policy
  • understanding where your target customers are spending time and what they are talking about
  • creating a manageable plan to weave social media activity into your daily workflow
  • measuring the impact on leads, conversion rates, brand awareness and rankings

Equinet will help you establish connections with your prospects, customers and wider networks.

The Social tool in HubSpot makes it easy to publish your content across social channels. You can share and measure the engagement third party content that you choose to curate. And you can engage with the people who matter.

And Equinet provides social media training as a part of any inbound implementation.

Search engine optimisation is still important

SEO for inboundAn SEO strategy is essential to get your website found. Found by people looking for information about the products and services your business provides.

It is imperative that your site can be crawled and indexed by the search engines. So, you need to instal an XML sitemap files and incorporate robots.txt. We will undertake extensive keyword research and identify keywords you can rank for. Then we will carry out on-page optimisation. 

But you also need to generate high-value content. Search engines rank sites based on hundreds of criteria. These include authoritative backlinks to your site from other high ranking sites and blogs. And this is achieved through remarkable content.

We review the best links and help produce more of the content that works best. But we also want to understand opportunities for cultivating further strategic interactions.


If you'd like to discuss how Equinet could help you attract visitors as part of an inbound marketing programme, contact us for a free, no-strings consultation.

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