5 video marketing tips for making content more appealing to buyers

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Published Apr 19, 2012 | Written by Jeremy Knight

video-marketing1-1These days, many B2B businesses are scrambling to enhance their online presence with video marketing services. This can be an effective inbound marketing strategy, but in the rush to create and upload content quickly, they often end up putting out sub-standard video marketing which fails to achieve the intended purpose.

When producing B2B video content, it’s important to think about how you can make it appeal to buyers, in order to encourage them to take action. Here are five video marketing tips to take into consideration when planning your online video marketing strategies.

1. Engage people, not businesses

It’s people, not businesses, which make purchasing decisions. When creating your B2B video, keep in mind at all times that you’re trying to appeal to people. Give your content a human touch, and ensure that is not overly corporate.

2. Keep it short

When it comes to selling your business and its services through video marketing, less is most definitely more. Buyers have limited time and prefer content that gets to the point, without any waffle. The exact length of the video will depend on what you have to say, but aiming for the shortest length possible will capture attention more effectively. Two minutes is a good benchmark.

3. Emphasise key benefits and address common problems

When watching video marketing, B2B buyers, like consumers, pick out the key points that apply to them and detail the benefits that the product/service will bring. Place special emphasis on how what you have to offer will benefit the buyer, and how it can solve specific problems.

4. Keep it professional, but entertaining

It’s a fine line to walk, but you should aim to achieve a healthy balance between being informative/ persuasive and being entertaining. You may think that B2B video requires a more corporate veneer than consumer-targeted videos, but it’s important to remember that B2B buyers get bored too, and if you can brighten their day with a little humour they’re more likely to look favourably upon what is being offered.

5. Pay close attention to ‘mise en scène’

It may be a phrase more commonly associated with theatre and film production, but mise en scène is something that should not be ignored when shooting your B2B video. Literally translated, it means ‘put in scene’, and refers to the objects, settings, people etc that are placed in front of the camera, each of which may carry its own subtle meaning.

Don’t simply switch the camera on and start rolling – carefully craft the scene that you wish to present to buyers, paying attention to aspects such as location, lighting and colours.

If you want to know more about how video fits into the inbound marketing mix or would like helpful advice on devising a successful video marketing strategy for you business you can download our video marketing guide below.

What is your experience of using web video marketing. Share your experience and the lessons you have learned by leaving a comment below.

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Published by Jeremy Knight April 19, 2012
Jeremy Knight