C'mon, Kim. What's your secret?

Published May 10, 2018 | Written by Jeremy Knight

I’m not ashamed to admit I'm a voracious Instagram scroller. I'm also a sucker for a bit of celebrity scandal, and I just can't miss my weekly dose of reality TV. (Go on, judge me - I won't blame you.)

Suffice to say, my forefinger couldn’t be restrained from clicking through to this article from Campaign: ‘What marketers can learn from Kim Kardashian’ 

There’s got to be more to the Kardashian clan than perfectly preened, plumped and plucked selfies, right? 

How else do they command the undying attention of a collective 450 million Instagram followers? 

Turns out, it’s not all ring lights and Valencia filters.

Queen of the clan, and arguably, most well known of the family, Kim, boasts an extraordinary 111 million followers on Instagram. 

And, along with a net worth of £175 million, and a demonstrable knack (call it what you will) for influencing the purchasing decisions, brand advocacy, and product usage of her fans, she's a media mogul who’s solidified her status as a ‘marketing genius.’

Reading this article from Campaign, I can safely say I concur with every point. So B2Bs, whether ‘breaking the internet’ is listed in your quarterly goals or not, take note:

     1. You don’t need your product or service to be different 

Kim surfs the cultural tide. She doesn’t do anything different. She hones in on what her fans and followers want right now. And does it bigger, bolder and better than anyone else.

     2. You’re in the hands of the people

Kim has acquired an ‘ascribed’ fame; the type which is reliant on the validation of likes and views. 

In the case of your business, you need to ensure your brand experience lives up the promise presented. And by ‘delighting’ your customers, you arm yourself with a loyal army of brand advocates.

     3.  Be transparent

There’s no question of Kim’s willingness to overshare. But transparency goes a long way in the B2B circuit. Brands need to lift the lid, overshare and be honest with their audiences. In doing so, you create an emotional proximity with your prospects and customers.  

      4. Have a thick skin

Trolls, they’re everywhere. No matter how popular you are. What can you do? 

Develop a thick skin. 

There will always be negative reviews, comments, and experiences. Don’t allow them to tarnish your brand. Take note. Rectify. Move on.

     5. Pick your partners well

Kim and Kanye. 

Go together like salt & vinegar. Gin and tonic. Jeans and a nice top. 

By teaming up and aligning your marketing efforts with a partner, you have the power to amplify your communication strategy. 

But choose wisely, and be strategic - wine and cheese are far more pleasant combination than chalk and cheese.

     6. Be more egotistical 

There’s no denying Kim’s self-confidence (ahem, narcissism?). 

She declared to “break the internet” and did so without a whimper of doubt. If you set out to be the best, believe that you are the best. Be sure of your business’ best qualities and assets, and don’t be afraid to assert them. 

    7. Be selective

Kim’s choice of content is almost always what the audience wants. She is selective about what makes her feed. Content selection can often be a minefield. It’s likely that the selfie you see on her feed was one of a number of choices. Know when to make tough choices about what to cut, and what to share.


By bearing all, in the same way as her audience (selfies), and in the same channels (Instagram/Twitter), and using the same language (she frequently adopts popular hashtags), she creates an emotional proximity to her fans. Read more at https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/marketers-learn-kim-kardashian-there-learnings-honest/1346096#zWy7LcjzUzjhqBjo.99


Published by Jeremy Knight May 10, 2018
Jeremy Knight