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Brand Development Is Crucial to Creating Successful Marketing

A well-developed brand expression helps you create content and messages that speak to your buyers

brand-developmentMany B2B businesses think of "brand" simply as their logo and the colours on their website. But a B2B brand means much more than this. The best business brands have been developed to represent everything the company stands for, underpinning what customers are looking for and what they understand about the company. 

A recent McKinsey study revealed that B2B companies with strong brands outperform weak ones by 20%.


A well-developed brand is a foundation for strong marketing

A properly developed brand (along with well-defined buyer personas) focuses your content and marketing messages on what's important to your customers. It helps you stand out from the interminable sameness of traditional B2B marketing where laundry lists of product or service features are the usual fare.

A strong brand is shorthand for the value and reputation of a company and its products or services. Quality, value, reliability, and expertise are encapsulated in the brand and peoples' perception of it, for example.

B2B buyers consider a company’s brand as a central rather than marginal element of a supplier’s value proposition. But, defining and developing the brand can be daunting for businesses that have not considered their brand from this perspective before.

And an external agency cannot develop a company's brand alone; they can’t simply ask a few questions, disappear, and return ("ta-da") with a fully developed brand expression that is meaningful.


Equinet's brand development process

brand-consultationSo, Equinet has created a brand development workshop, that forms part of our initial inbound marketing strategy work with every new client.

This is a process that involves key employees getting to the heart of your company's DNA in order to reach consensus around your brand expression:

  • Core proposition
  • Reasons to believe that proposition
  • Brand values and essence
  • Brand personality

The workshop is either a standalone process or is part of the kick-off meeting, when we start working together. We facilitate a structured brainstorming session addressing each of the component parts of the brand, looking for emerging themes. From that data, we develop an initial draft and then refine it with you into a final version everyone approves.

The output is a cohesive brand expression that encapsulates who the company is, what it does, and why it does it.


If you'd like to discuss how Equinet can help you with brand development as part of an Inbound marketing programme, contact us for a free, no-strings consultation.

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