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Why this matters


Do you stand out from the crowd?

Does your brand communicate your distinctiveness and value? Often brand is an afterthought for B2B businesses. But it shouldn't be.


Developing your customer-first brand

We bring your teams together to refine your purpose and explore how you want to come across to customers in a hyper-competitive world, ultimately focusing your sales and marketing on what matters to customers.

Brand Strategy components

A well-defined brand strategy will help you focus your marketing on the right customers with the right messages, delivering customer loyalty and revenue growth.

We establish the key points of your brand strategy with three workshops and offline work. Through this, we develop your brand positioning, brand beliefs

The Brand Workshops.


The best B2B brands define their ideal space in the marketplace; the brand positioning that will help them stand out from their competitors in the eyes of the right customers.

Without doing that you risk defining your brand in a way that your prospects don't care about or your competitors do better.

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This two-session workshop will identify:

  • Your ideal target customer
  • The competitive set you are competing against
  • What is your core brand strength
  • The main benefit promise you should make to your target customer
  • Supporting reasons to believe that promise

Part of what should differentiate you is the unique expression of your brand values, culture and personality.

It's the most intangible but often most significant part of the way you turn up in the world and communicate with customers.

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In this workshop we'll hone in on:

  • what your brand stands for
  • what's important to you
  • how the brand behaves

The output will be statements describing who you are and what you believe in.

Successful companies have developed a clear and compelling sense of why they do what they do.

In this workshop, we will unearth your brand purpose - the reason you exist - the one thing that encapsulates your brand in a simple, unique, inspiring way.

Some call it a brand idea, some call it a company's "why", some call it brand essence. It is the central idea around which you organise everything you do.

In the workshop, we will build off of the work we have done on positioning and values to develop a brand purpose that is simple, motivating, distinctive, and ownable.

When you have the right brand purpose employees are more engaged, customers are more loyal, and prospects notice.

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