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Content Creation: Top of the Funnel

The awareness stage, where the prospect is asking "what do I need"? Here you need information that will help visitors research and better understand the subject

Top of the funnel content

top-of-funnelVisitors at the top of the funnel are looking for a solution to a problem. They are seeking out information that will help them identify potential solutions. They are not qualified or ready to consider your product or service as a solution.

But, you may not be ready to do business with them either. It is important to filter out the wrong type of contact with your content, as well as attract the right kind.

Many people begin the buying process online today. A blog is a powerful way of attracting visitors to the top of your funnel. Using well researched long-tail keyword phrases in the title and copy will help you get found.

Educational posts provide the ideal territory for one of your 'top of the funnel' offers. Offers that visitors get in exchange for their contact information and an opt-in. This trade elevates a prospect to an early stage lead.


How-to eBooks and educative white papers

inbound-ebookA white paper sets out an argument for a particular solution to a problem. Or it can take a solution-agnostic approach, highlighting benefits without selling your services.

White papers are vanguards of the educational marketing revolution. An excellent vehicle for positioning your company as an authoritative expert in your market.

Less formal than a white paper, an eBook is more concept-centric and relaxed in its approach. But it is nonetheless underpinned by sound research and robust propositions.

eBooks allow for a more visual representation of the subject. A more conversational format, providing a framework for wide-reaching analysis.

eBooks are more likely constructed around 'how to' type content. And they represent a cornerstone of an inbound and content marketing programme.

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eNewsletters create regular touch points

inbound-enewsletterAn eNewsletter will reach subscribers with regular content, keeping you top of mind. You have an opportunity to repurpose content like your blog posts and information like new hires. And to curate third party content. Content you believe to be worth sharing.

In this way, you will save recipients precious time. Time saved by pointing them towards great content they otherwise might have missed.

Now you have a mix of your content and the cream of what's good in your market. So you have earned the opportunity of promoting a content offer.

And if you are using a tool like HubSpot, you will be able to serve up 'smart content offers'. Content offers that relate to the recipient persona and their stage in the buying cycle.

Establishing regular touch points will raise your profile with contacts. And it can also help position you as a publisher in your field.

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Video interviews and introductions

Video ProductionFifteen years ago it was not uncommon to hear businesses ask: 'do I need a website?' The same could be said of video today.

And given the choice, many people will choose to view something before reading about it. What they won't do online is watch for long. A short film can be the difference that keeps someone engaged with your site, providing reasons to venture further.

Until recently, a lack of bandwidth and technology made video a non-starter for many businesses. But now, with universal broadband and smart tech, a video is a viable option for any company.

Interviewing customers or partners, or even experts in your field, can create a great top of the funnel content offer. But it is important to get to the point. To keep a good pace - using short, powerful sentences, and keeping it brief - 3 minutes or less.

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If you'd like to discuss how Equinet could help you create top of the funnel content as part of an inbound marketing programme, contact us for a free, no-strings content strategy review.

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