A GOOD Content MARKETING AGENCY WILL fuel YOUR inbound marketing RESULTS

A good content marketing agency will provide your partners, stakeholders, clients, and prospects with interesting, educative and compelling experiences, via multiple formats and channels, to position your company as the “go to guys” in your field.

Good content writers will set you apart, and a sustained flow of remarkable content marketing ideas will cultivate relationships, build trust, and keep your company top of mind with people who matter until they ready to speak with you about your solution.

And a content marketing strategy defines why you are creating content. Who is it that you are helping, and how you will uniquely help. When done well you will use a content marketing strategy to set the blueprint first to build an audience and then generate leads and increase revenue.

Content Marketing Agency Services

As well as providing content creation, content strategy, and a content marketing platform, Equinet will provide you with:

  • Competitor Analysis to ensure you know what's not been produced elsewhere and where there are opportunities to do it better

  • Content Audit to identify where your existing content assets can be analysed then repurposed, optimised and redistributed

  • Audience Analysis to make sure you are creating content that is going to be noticed by the right people, in the right channel and at the right time

  • Social Listening to measure, analyse and optimise social efforts, so we understand what customers want and create content that continually delights them

  • Editorial Strategy to reduce the guesswork and provide a framework for your content pipeline, formats, deadlines and process for creation and approval

The 7 Steps to a Successful Content Marketing Process

  1. Ideation – Based on the interests, fears, aspirations or questions that your buyer personas face at different stages of their buyer’s journey.

  2. Research – Respond to the ideation stage with qualitative and quantitative discovery to inform the content output.

  3. Plan – Based on the concept and research, develop a synopsis and outline the creation process, setting expectations for delivery.

  4. Create – With the idea, research, synopsis and distribution plan in place it’s time to work on the creation of your content and review output before the design stage.

  5. Design – Develop and refine the output whether post-production, graphic design, picture acquisition or some other aspect of completing the asset for final review.

  6. Distribute – Devise promotion across your website, social channels, email subscriber list, on your blog, PPC, outreach, and even syndication.

  7. Analyse – Measure and analyse every touchpoint and conversion event during the distribution process and identify viable opportunities for repurposing the asset.

Adding context to your contacts' experience of connecting with you, adds a dimension previously only enjoyed by companies with resources like Amazon or Netflix. But now, technology enables us to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. 

Content fuels inbound marketing and remarkable content requires inbound to reach its full potential. Working with an agency that excels at both inbound and content marketing increases the returns you can expect from your investment.   


Whitepapers and eBooks

A whitepaper sets out an argument for a particular solution to a problem. Or it can take a solution-agnostic approach, highlighting benefits without selling your services. White papers are vanguards of the educational marketing revolution. An excellent vehicle for positioning your company as an authoritative expert in your market.

Less formal than a white paper, an eBook is more concept-centric and relaxed in its approach. But it is nonetheless underpinned by sound research and robust propositions. eBooks allow for a more visual representation of the subject. A more conversational format, providing a framework for wide-reaching analysis.

eBooks are more likely to be constructed around 'how to' type content. And they represent a cornerstone of an inbound and content marketing programme.

Equinet creates this type of cornerstone content with the buyer's journey in mind. Educative and informative offers at the 'Awareness' stage, agnostic of your solution but still wrapped in your brand. And 'Consideration' stage offers, more aligned with how you might help.

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video production

Video is an essential part of the MARKETING mix

Given a choice, many people will choose to view something before reading about it. Historic problems with bandwidth and technology which made video a non-starter for many businesses are behind us now. Today, with universal broadband and smart tech, video is a viable option for any company.

Interviewing customers, partners, or experts in your field, can create great top of the funnel content. But it is important to get to the point. To keep a good pace - using short, powerful sentences, and keeping it brief.

If you have a product that isn't self-explanatory, then a product demonstration video could save you time and money and improve customer understanding.
  • Script: keep it clear but brief. Don't take more time than you need, and write for how we speak, not how we read. 

  • Storyboard: outline the plan before you start and illustrate key frames with directional notes prior to filming.

  • Illustrations/animations/graphics: can be used to help demonstrate technical aspects that may not be easily filmed.

  • Audio: the quality of sound and spoken word is as important as what's being said - audio quality matters most.

  • Editing: make sure the pace of the video suits the product and the level of explanation required.

Discover how to plan and commission video for your business

Equinet OFFERS two video modules

Standard Video
Talking head video shot in the studio (at Equinet). Up to three minutes. Script consultation and editing. Professional lighting, audio and autocue. Brand positioning and graphic incorporation in the edit.

Premium Video
Storyboard development. Shot on location. Multiple participants. On-site footage. BBC cameraman, Producer and Assistant. Cutting edge kit. Optional specialist equipment (tracks, cranes etc.) 4k resolution filming. Up to five minutes. Full edit.

email newsletter


An eNewsletter will reach subscribers with regular content, keeping you top of mind. You have an opportunity to repurpose content like your blogs, new hires and curated content; third party posts you believe to be worth sharing. In this way, you will save recipients precious time. Time saved by pointing them towards great content they otherwise might have missed.

Now you have a mix of your content and the cream of what's good in your market. So you have earned the opportunity of promoting a content offer. And if you are using a tool like HubSpot, you will be able to serve up 'smart content offers' - content offers that relate to the recipient persona and their stage in the buying cycle.

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Webinars are interactive and intrinsically engaging and create a sense of event around your ideas and information. They can be repurposed for on-demand access creating an evergreen asset that will keep on generating leads into the top of your funnel.

Good webinar software supports activity before and after the event so, when people register, you can ask them to submit questions, and the software will send automated reminders in the weeks and days leading up to the event.

With the best solutions, you can ask participants to fill in a survey after watching and send automatic follow-up emails to those who attended as well as those who did not.

Equinet can work with you to identify the best software solution and prepare the content, the promotion, and delivery of your webinar.


Checklists or Cheatsheets

Checklists or cheat sheets are short-form content offers which look easy and quick to consume while still promising value. They could be a comprehensive guide to terms or summary steps to a solution, formatted for quick reference. These offers can be important as they often constitute a first step on the path to gaining a prospect's permission for future communications.

Compelling case studies

Case studies are a simple yet very effective way to illustrate the benefits of your business or product. They allow your story to be understood by way of a third party. A third party with similar needs to your prospect. So it is not like an advertisement, more of an endorsement.

So, case studies are a good way of aligning the benefits of your product or service with the interests of your visitor through real-life examples of how you delivered value to a third party and helped them accomplish their goals.

Your case studies, as with all of your content, should start with your target personas in mind. As they read, they should get a sense that you are comfortable in and understand their industry.

Your case studies should identify the customer’s goals and their subsequent needs and show how you met those needs and goals. You need to provide specific details and tangible results the visitor can relate to. And wherever possible, you should visualise the results with pictures and charts. 

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creative design


Whether it is for your eBooks, CTA banners or email templates, good design will set your content apart.

Design is more important than ever as we contest ever-rising tides of content saturation and endeavour to stand out from the crowd. Good design is an instant indication of quality and value as it implies levels of care and attention that merit our attention.

At Equinet we treat digital design as a vital and central component of everything we do:

  • Website design can be the difference between success and failure online as usability and user experience considerations continue beyond first impressions.

  • Infographics are an essential component of the modern marketing mix as they can convey meaning in a matter of seconds and add to the 'experience' of connecting with you.

  • Email template design is a key consideration in the business of reaching and influencing people. Whether it's your eNewsletter, a re-engagement mail or even a simple blog email, the look and feel matters.

  • eBook design should be consistent and no less impressive than you might expect from a print product. The care and attention you display say something about the consideration you have for its recipients. 

  • Conversion path elements like call-to-action banners and landing pages have design elements which, along with the copywriting and a form are the only tools you have to work with to maximise results.

Equinet works across all design from concept to delivery including, at times, brand elements like logo redesign and promotional materials for events and print.

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