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Up until recently, business people didn’t need to write very much. We all learned the basic rules at school, but after that, apart from the odd email, you really didn’t have to do it any more. Once we entered the world of business we could pretty much leave the writing, well, up to the writers.

But with modern communication landscape, and more nimble and streamlined businesses, even if you wear the manager’s hat you probably have to wear the writer's cap every now and then.

This eBook is designed to help you develop your writing voice and craft better copy for your business. Download it today and discover:

  • Principle rules for writing copy that will set you apart
  • Specific points you need to remember for b2b writing
  • How to plan and write case studies, blogs and newsletters
  • How to optimise your copy for different formats
  • Structural tools to increase the success of your writing

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