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Is your social media profile all it needs to be?

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Are you completely happy with your current LinkedIn company page? Do you feel you are leveraging Twitter to full effect? Maybe you're paralysed by the inevitability of change in this space. Or fearful of the time you might waste with no discernable return?

Grasping the Nettle gives you what you can’t get from social media software “how-tos”. It provides a social media management framework and guidance to ensure that your social media activity serves your business.

Download the eBook now and discover how to:

  • Tackle the issues of social media as a communications channel
  • Develop an integrated and practical strategy
  • Create a positive and implementable Social Media Policy
  • Monitor for real value – how to listen, and what to look for
  • Find and share useful content easily and quickly
  • Make sure you avoid problem posts 
  • Learn valuable best-practice lessons from experts

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