The Proven Process: Inbound Marketing

Our proven process puts strategy before the tactics, creative and technologies needed to achieve your specific growth goals and timelines. This is not a cookie-cutter exercise and every partnership we take on is different. But the process we use to define your requirements is consistent. And it works.

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Inbound Consultation

Could inbound be a good fit for your business and help you to achieve your goals for growth?

Inbound Assessment

  • Online health check and competitive review
  • Discover quick wins you can implement today
  • How you could get more site traffic and leads

Diagnostic Review

  • Developing your baseline audit
  • Exploring your goals and timelines
  • Is an Inbound Strategy Blueprint right for your business?
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Strategy Workshops

  • Core propositions and reasons to believe
  • Buyer Persona definition and development
  • Content review and development
  • Website analysis and review
  • Sales process review

Research and GamePlan

  • Workshop output and analysis
  • Keyword research and output
  • Content synopses and calendar development
  • Website design drafts for primary pages
  • Strategy GamePlan and recommendations
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Foundation Design & Development

  • Email newsletter design
  • Email template designs
  • Conversion path design and development
  • Full HubSpot set-up
  • Awareness stage eBook write and design
  • Consideration stage eBook write and design

Website Design & Development

  • Wireframe
  • Concepts & Sitemap
  • Template development
  • Page build
  • UX &UI
  • Optimisation
  • Content placement
  • Full testing & Site launch
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Monthly Programmes with Quarterly Goals

  • Blog writing, editing and optimisation
  • eBook research, writing and design
  • Content calendar development
  • Ongoing conversion path development and optimisation
  • Workflow, List and Lead Scoring setup
  • Keyword development
  • On-page site optimisation
  • Site updates
  • Social media promotion
  • Newsletter and re-engagement email setup 
  • Video production/editing
  • Influencer outreach
  • Strategic analysis and reporting
inbound marketing strategy ebook

How we help develop your inbound strategy

Download this guide today and discover how we help you through each of the steps towards creating an inbound strategy specific to your business, your customers and in line with your business goals.

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Equinet operates an 'Agile Scrum' approach as an inbound agency. Agile is designed to improve the speed, predictability, and responsiveness of the marketing function. It works by breaking big projects into smaller parts we call 'cards'; prioritising and continuously delivering against goals in weekly cycles called 'sprints'. Scrum is the framework that enables this iterative and incremental approach to maximise the value of the output.

This process works by creating a monthly ‘backlog’ of work (informed by quarterly goals) that we draw from to run ‘sprints’ and daily ‘stand-ups’ with the (Scrum) team. One advantage of this approach is an eradication of ‘siloes’ and a more integrated and collaborative team which clusters more efficiently around you to deliver outcomes.

Clients join a monthly backlog meeting online where they gain knowledge of the work being rolled out over the next sprints and discuss efficiencies that will inform the deliverables. As well as these backlog meetings we facilitate 30-minute calls each week, produce monthly reports and attend in-person quarterly reviews.

Agile scrum for inbound marketing
Agile Scrum Process for Inbound Marketing

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