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Inbound Marketing Case Studies

Inbound marketing can significantly increase the volume of website visits, leads and sales for your business


Increased traffic by over 460% and leads by 14x in first year

m2fx is a pioneering fiber optic cable manufacturer looking to grow aggressively through their innovative pushable fiber cable offering, Miniflex™. We started working with m2fx at the beginning of 2014. We developed and implemented an inbound marketing programme to drive more traffic and deliver leads to their sales team.

In addition to the inbound work, Equinet wrote 3 early-funnel eBooks over the year, designed their successful newsletter, and redesigned their website on the HubSpot CMS. 

The results have been strong. In the first year, traffic to the site grew by more than 460% with 14x as many leads as they were getting from previous marketing efforts. 47% of those leads arrived via social media, because m2fx personnel excelled at reaching audiences with their content and engaging in discussions in the social spaces.

Since we launched the new site, organic traffic has grown by 200% and leads from organic search have grown 4-fold.



Doubled both web traffic and leads in year one

JJS Manufacturing is a contract electronics manufacturer building complex products for clients who, in many cases, outsource their entire manufacturing operation to them. JJS engaged us at the beginning of 2014 to replace a previous agency who hadn't been "moving the needle".

We developed and implemented an inbound marketing programme, training JJS personnel on blog writing and effective social media. We also wrote 4 eBooks and launched their monthly newsletter.

The first year has seen web traffic grow by 132% and leads more than double. Given the lengthy sales cycle involved in complex product outsourcing, we were thrilled to see the first inbound marketing leads turn in to new customers at the tail end of the year.

For 2015, JJS has chosen Equinet to redesign their website on the HubSpot CMS. That coupled with an aggressive inbound and content programme should see JJS go from strength to strength. 


Established trust with genuine authoritative content 

"We were introduced to Inbound and Content Marketing by Equinet around 3 years ago. And it has transformed the way that we think about our business; our consideration of the needs of prospective clients, how the business can best respond to them and how we can shape and influence thinking in our sector, as a result.

One of the key learning points for the business has been the importance of building a bank of helpful, educative content – be it blog posts, social messages, eBooks, case studies – which will resonate with our audience. 

Trust is crucial in our world of business growth and strategy advice – and our inbound content is a key element in building that confidence.  We try to match the content we produce to our buyer journey, offering content that is useful and informative at a time that it is most relevant.   We continue to learn and develop in this area, so that our content is well-received by the growing, ambitious businesses that it is intended for."