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Define strategy before employing tactics

When companies hear agencies talk ‘marketing strategies’, they often imagine a lengthy formulaic undertaking of time and effort resulting in a bloated document that ultimately gathers dust in a drawer.

What you really want is a specific, measurable and achievable plan to reach your business goals. What you actually need is a living action plan that adapts and evolves in response to ongoing measurement and analysis, not a static map for success.

Today’s savvy buyers and decision-makers are using the Internet and social web to educate themselves, research and compare products and services, and listen to key influencers in their market. And certainly, people care much more about their own problems than they do about your products or services.

To get found by, engage with, and influence people, you now need remarkable content that responds to their needs, not your products or services, features and benefits.

Understanding your customers' interests, fears and aspirations creates an opportunity to respond to them rather than broadcast at them, making you a useful, authoritative and trustworthy resource rather than just another vendor after the sale.


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An Inbound and Content Marketing Strategy for Growth

Equinet will help you review your business goals and define an integrated strategy for achieving them within a framework that is tailored for your market, resources and timelines.

First, we do the work to understand your brand, culture, people, key points of differentiation and what sets you apart in the eyes of your customers. Then, we map out the steps to build your strategy and related tactics that will come together to form your Inbound and Content Marketing GamePlan.

  1. Identify your primary sales and marketing goals.
  2. Develop and define your core proposition, reasons to believe, brand essence, and brand personality.
  3. Establish your core differentiators and develop the essential messaging that will set you apart.
  4. Define your key personas - representations of your ideal customers - creating full profiles for each of them.
  5. Research and identify the social spaces, blogs, websites and forums where your audience spends time online.
  6. Identify and document recurring themes and pain points that preoccupy your target audience.
  7. Review and document the buyer cycle for your product or service identifying the key questions and interests at each stage.
  8. Identify the primary themes for content creation, the areas that you want to ‘own’ in the coming year.
  9. Carry out a content audit of your existing assets looking for opportunities to repurpose within the new framework.
  10. Implement keyword research across your existing site and competitors' sites identifying keyword opportunities.
  11. Create a content calendar mapping out ideas for blog posts, eBooks, webinars, videos etc.
  12. Create and implement all related conversion path infrastructure as well as all other campaign-related materials.
  13. Develop a promotions plan for content assets including earned, owned media, and even paid media.
  14. Identify opportunities to repurpose each content asset where possible, such as Slideshare, infographics, eNewsletters etc.
  15. Agree SMART goals for ongoing performance measurement and analysis.
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"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

 ― Sun Tzu

persona-icon Persona Definition

To create content that resonates with customers we need buyer personas; representations based on real world information and educated guesses about likes, fears, behaviours, motivations, and demographics.

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brand-workshop-icon Brand Development

A strong brand is shorthand for the value and reputation of a company and what it does. Quality, value, reliability, and expertise are encapsulated in the brand and peoples' perception of it.

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gameplan The GamePlan

We create your GamePlan by combining your persona definition, brand development, buyer cycle and content calendar work with the ensuing strategy and tactics that underpin the SMART goals we agree.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“At the beginning of our engagement, Equinet worked to really understand our business goals, our brand, and our target customers. This formed the strategic foundation to successfully build our inbound marketing programme on."

Chris Johnson, Chief Executive
Paragon Electronics Group (JJS Manufacturing)

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