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Managed Email Marketing for Business

Successfully outsourcing your email marketing means choosing the right partner. And, as is the case with most things in business, the more prepared you are, the better off you'll be.

A good email marketing partner will use best practice techniques, provide a dedicated account manager and give you instant access to your data and results.

Email Marketing Strategy

What do you want to achieve with an outsourced email partner?


Increased sales, greater brand awareness, more page impressions, all of the above? Segmentation, personalisation, relevancy, list/data quality, are all key aspects to consider too.

So, knowing what is important before you choose a partner is a must. For example, how you build your email list if you've not already got a fully up-to-date and opted-in data set is not without its challenges. 

Some organisations still buy data, but this can be a really bad idea. If you do not have an opted-in list you will need to consider a strategy for building an audience, through content marketing, for eample, or build your own subscriber list through the offer of a newsletter. And, of course, start with your existing customer base. You can use social media to promote the benefits of opting-in to your email communications - in fact, you need to promote opt-in at every available touchpoint. Ask agencies how they might help you with that.

Knowing what you want to achieve with your data, segmentation and campaign design before you speak to agencies will help narrow the field. And, understanding the value of dynamic content, triggered campaigns, personalisation and split-testing can further qualify your needs and help with chooing the right email marketing agency partner. 

If you want to discuss your email marketing requirements or want advice on options for leveraging professional email marketing, click on the consultation link below and we will schedule a time to provide sales-free, impartial advice to you.

Managed Email Consultation

email marketing

"The best of all the online marketing tools is the also the most maligned and the least understood. Email marketing isn’t dead. BAD email marketing is dead"

Chris Brogan, CEO, Owner Business Group

email-design  Email Design

Design matters - it's a fact. Email clients each interpret HTML differently, so it's crucial your mail uses best practice design and is fully tested to avoid delivery problems and rendering issues.

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Email campaign management, for us, centres on delivering your recipients the best experience of your brand, and protection for you through our secure data management.

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James Moore, Citywire

Time and time again Equinet have provided Citywire with reliable and highly professional managed email services. We are always amazed at how they manage to stay ahead of the curve on the latest industry developments.

James Moore.
Head of Product Management, Citywire.

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