Marketing Technology and Training

Inbound marketing is made possible by technology solutions that enable data segmentation and evaluation, content positioning and delivery, measurement and analysis on an epic scale. Equinet specialises in the HubSpot platform, but we incorporate several other tools into the technology stack.

Technology and Training to ATTRACT Targeted Traffic

The tools that help attract targeted traffic to your website include the ability to manage earned, owned and paid media. A capacity to promote content is as important as drawing the right people to your content. Doing both will set you apart.

  • HubSpot Blog: the tools to optimise content, measure performance, incorporate personalised CTAs, scheduled posts and integrated subscriber emails.

  • Equinet blog training: understanding optimisation, best practice techniques, writing tips and formatting as well as the latest research.

  • HubSpot keyword research: sort by monthly searches, rank, difficulty and region as well as discover ranking, conversion, and long-tail opportunities. 

  • HubSpot social promotion: publish posts, offers and content to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, get best publication times and performance reports.

  • Equinet social media training: develop a social media strategy for each major platform and devise a plan for each member of your team.

  • HubSpot on page optimisation: check aspects of each page are optimised, get on-page keyword suggestions and monitor competitor site optimisation.

  • HubSpot CMSsupport database-driven content backed by the Akamai Content Delivery Network for reliable uptime and fast performance voted best CMS in 2016.

  • HubSpot ads add-on: when promoting content and offers through PPC in LinkedIn, Facebook and AdWords, track actual leads and ROI generated.

  • Pitchbox link-building: our tool of choice for influencer outreach using data-driven decisions to focus efforts to grow your backlinks.  

  • SEMrush: provides us with tools to run ongoing technical SEO audits, position tracking, backlink audit and analytics and further competitor intelligence. 

  • Buzzsumo: helps us identify what content works best in your sector as well as providing content curation opportunities for your newsletter.

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Lead generation and the business of converting traffic to leads is best underpinned by the right technology solutions which include the ability to measure and analyse each step in the process.

  • HubSpot call-to-action tool: create button and image based CTAs which can be personalised to the visitor as well as A/B tested to optimise performance.

  • HubSpot landing pages: personalised content, A/B testing and dynamic forms, with actionable intelligence to improve conversion rate optimisation. 

  • Hotjar heatmaps: click, move and scroll heatmaps to plot visitor behaviour and attention so we can better optimise sitewide UX and UI.

  • Hotjar visitor recordings: capture visitor sessions and eliminate guesswork by seeing clicks, taps and mouse movements to identify usability issues.

  • Hotjar drop-off and form-analysis: identifying where and why your visitors may be abandoning your forms and leaving your pages.

  • HubSpot reporting tools: access data on all touchpoints across your site and social interactions to analyse and improve the flow of traffic, leads and sales.

  • HubSpot forms: fields based on a visitor's country, device, referral source, persona, and lifecycle stage, and dynamic question selection based known data.

  • HubSpot Contacts: a contact record identifies where leads have been on your site, forms they've completed, and more, and integrates with the HubSpot CRM. 

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Technology to CLOSE and delight customers

Tools that help you nurture leads and filter the buyer's journey ensure that you focus attention on good fit prospects. A process for deselection as well as qualification delivers a better prospect experience as well as superior sales interactions.

  • HubSpot Workflows: branching logic to determine who gets enrolled, set up webhooks, rotate leads to sales, manage data, update properties, and more.

  • HubSpot Lists: segment and organises your data using static and smart lists that recognise new contacts that meet List criteria and maximise relevancy and traction.

  • HubSpot Lead Scoring: apply values to visitor actions across touchpoints with negative values to filter-out and positive values to further qualify in contacts.

  • HubSpot Email: powerful personalisation, time-zone management, A/B testing and in-depth analytics tools draw on Lists and Workflows to deliver superior results.

  • Surveys: a mix of NPS through HubSpot, on-page surveys using Hotjar and more detailed surveys using Survey Monkey deliver important insights we can act on.

  • HubSpot social monitoring: track words and phrases important to your brand, follow contacts on Twitter, reply to, retweet, favourite, and share tweets that matter.

  • HubSpot CRM: use custom filters to sort contacts by owner/amount, view appointments scheduled, contracts sent, performance against quotas, and more.

  • HubSpot Smart Content: personalised to customer’s needs and specifically tailored to where a prospect is in the buying process, or from the very first visit.

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