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Published Apr 17, 2012 | Written by Jeremy Knight

b2b-blogpostAs blogs have taken off, blog writing services have become valuable to businesses that don't have big internal marketing resources because they help produce high-quality content while the business owner focuses on other things. 

If you're one of those businesses, you will know that you can't ignore your blog, leaving it to languish and gather dust. You need to publish content at least once a week. So, outsourcing the job of producing that content can help you to continue working on, rather than 'in' your business.

But unless your blog writers have psychic abilities, you have to give them clear instructions about the type of blog you want.  Luckily, this isn't too hard if you've already come up with a winning strategy.

Here are five ways to keep your blog writers in the loop.

1. Be specific about what you want.

Do you want to be serious or quirky?  Promotional or educational?  Geared to consumers or businesses? Figure it out, then tell your blog writers.

Blog writing services work with a variety of clients, all of whom would have the same type of blog if they hadn't made their requirements clear.  You need to do the same.  Talk to your writer about your objectives, what it should say, how it should sound, and who's reading it.  If you explain what you want, your writer will deliver it on the first draft.

Emily Hill, Managing Director of Write My Site, a blog writing agency, said: “Successful blog writing depends on a thorough and detailed brief. Your writer won’t just ‘know’ how to write for your brand: you need to make it clear what it is all about and how it ties into your company’s wider marketing strategy.”

2.  Provide reference material.

Most writers do research when they write, but that time could be cut considerably if you give them reference material before they start writing.

You've probably done some research on your chosen topics and a few pages caught your eye, maybe key industry data or a writing style you want to emulate.  Share it with the writer. You don't have to give them a big thick book, just a few well-selected pieces that give them a sense of the content you want them to create.

Said Hill: “Any materials you provide will give valuable clues to the writer about the sort of content you want. There’s no such thing as too much information.”

3.  Answer questions immediately.

Even the best instructions can leave writers scratching their heads.  Don't leave them scrambling - invite them to ask questions, and respond promptly.

If your instructions are clear, their questions should be little more than clarifications.  But in case it's something more, give them a forum to ask questions and give them an answer right away.  This is especially true if the writer is under a tight deadline; otherwise, you'll get your blog in time, but it'll need some work before it's ready to publish.

4. Review and critique their work.

Blog writing services deliver content on time and in good condition.  But sometimes the content has a few wrinkles, so be there to iron them out.

Read everything your writer submits.  Make sure it has the right tone and focus, it hits the right points, and it targets the right audience.  If it doesn't, send it back with notes about what you want to change.  Be as specific as possible, and give examples where you can.  Over time, the writer will know your style so well that revisions won't be necessary.

5. Bring the writer into your strategy.

As your writers learn more about your business and customers, they'll come up with their own ideas about possible topics.  It's a good idea to listen to them. “A great blog is collaborative”, said Hill. “A single person should be responsible for sign-off, but everyone involved in the writing process should be encouraged to put forward their ideas.”

Blog writing services don't just provide writing talent; they also provide expertise on things like content marketing and SEO. While you have the final say on your strategy, the writers you work with can become key players in helping to shape it.  After all, who better to spruce up your blog than someone who blogs all the time?

Blog writing services bring you great writers who can turn your blog into an important marketing channel. Don't leave them wondering what you want - Give clear instructions and start publishing great blogs right away.

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Published by Jeremy Knight April 17, 2012
Jeremy Knight