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The Inbound Methodology

The inbound philosophy revolves around building trust and authority with contacts in the midst of an often noisy and sceptical world. 

The inbound methodology helps brands attract visitors, convert leads, and close sales using tactics like blogging, social, search, conversion paths, marketing automation and more.

Inbound marketing is fueled by educational content that attracts, informative content that converts, and remarkable content that nurtures.

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  • Inbound as a philosophy (the ‘WHY?’) – the rationale behind this permission-based marketing approach;
  • Inbound as a methodology (the ‘HOW?’) – the steps you can take to progress prospects through your sales funnel;
  • Inbound as a tool set (the ‘PLAYBOOK’) – the tools that HubSpot offers to help you attract visitors, nurture and close customers, track activity and monitor success, and analyse marketing ROI.

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