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Published Oct 20, 2017 | Written by Jeremy Knight

Manufacturers have the upper hand when it comes to video content marketing. On the shop floor there’s an abundance of innovative techniques and specialist material to film, as well as passionate employees who can come to life sharing their specialist knowledge in front of the camera.

Viewers remain curious about technical advances in the industry - just look at the enduring success of the documentary television series ‘How it’s made’.

Additionally, consumers have an unshakable interest in product quality and will perform search queries reflective of this. This will serve you well if you make video content that aids their research; 90 percent of user say that seeing a video about a product contributes to their purchase decision.

Video marketing is a creative way to showcase your company's high standards. This blog explores some of the most rewarding video content formats for manufacturing marketing teams to experiment with.

Customer testimonials

Research shows that 31 percent of people will make a positive decision after watching a testimonial video.

Buyer personas ought to recognise themselves (and their story) in the content you make. Help them do so by highlighting specific problems, and then addressing the concerns they have with straightforward, candid advice.

Sincere video resonates. Use testimony from a client who is both relatable and compelling on camera. Ask questions that prompt them to discuss your product and their thoughts about the service you provide.

To help structure your interview, write down topics and questions you would like to address. Give them to the client ahead of time so that they have the chance to come up with a considered response.

Encourage them to provide answers in full sentences - this will improve continuity by making your footage easier to edit.

A conversation about what made the customer’s experience with your business special - your culture, approach to difficulties, how you differ from competitors, and how you support customers after the sale - will show viewers exactly why they should choose you over others.

In this video format, production value is trounced by authenticity.

If you can’t film your interviewee in person, you might consider using a video conferencing app. However, sound quality is important here as this type of video is highly verbal. A lapel or boom microphone would be ideal, and subtitles are welcome.

A simple background will allow viewers to focus on your subject.

Your customer could also share tips on using your product, describe a scenario that viewers would identify with or offer a detailed review. 

Alternatively, they might wish to offer advice on choosing your products - after all, they have been through the entire buyer’s journey and understand your prospect’s pain points.

Product demos

Case studies, demonstrations and reviews will build trust with your buyer personas.

Product demo videos are one of the best ways to keep your current customers up to date with the latest items you have to offer.

Sometimes conveying the most important part of your products, like high speed or efficiency can be hard to do with just words. And, unlike a sales team, your video marketing content is available around the clock to highlight the features and benefits of your product.

Comparison of your product against a competitor’s performance helps convey the most important components of your product or assembly line - such as efficiency, durability, speed or power.

Think about your product – or the way it is produced. Ask Sales what sells products best, as well as the features customers most often ask for details about, and turn those into individual video topics.

Educational content

Tutorials and interviews with thought leaders can work as well for manufacturers as other sectors.

67 percent of millennials agree that they can find a YouTube video on anything they want to learn

How-to videos convert incredibly well because buyer personas quickly and easily find the information they need - and return for more.

Make your videos easy to find by adding descriptive titles, meta details, and optimised tags.

Forrester research shows that video is 53 times more likely to appear on a front-page Google result, so take advantage of this SEO gift.

Well-optimised video helps drive traffic and leads: videos displayed in search results have a 41 percent higher click rate than their plain text counterparts.

About us

Tell stories that demonstrate the unique qualities of your company and reveal your core values.

Take Corning, for example, an American manufacturer of glass and ceramics; they created a video called “A Day Made of Glass” which shared their vision for the future. Their video spread quickly through social media. It now has over 26,245,000 views, and every one of them has contributed to the company’s brand awareness.

You can use visual storytelling with video to succinctly explain the problem you solve. Your website homepage is a good place for your elevator pitch, should you choose to make one.

Webinars, video blogs, event videos. There are many ways to show your buyer personas more about you.


Do you have remarkable customer service, a unique product, or an assembly line that sets you apart?

Introduce the world to your team. Take us backstage.

Your employees’ insights and activities are interesting. They bring personality to your brand. Your team understands your business aims and are a valuable source of information. 

Every member will have a different perspective on what happens in a work day. You could film a day-in-the-life, or perhaps one aspect of the manufacturing process that is particularly intricate or unusual.

Top notch production line? Shoot a video following your order-to-delivery.

The manufacturing industry is a hub of activity; a time-lapse video of your production process could be easy to make, yet mesmerising to watch.

Virtual tour

Bringing prospects to the factory can be expensive and disruptive.

Reduce distraction and save time with a virtual tour video. By bringing the facility directly to investors you make it easier to develop touch points and move them along the sales funnel.

This is especially useful for tentative prospects: video is low commitment. A tour of your facility can offer a complimentary look at your day-to-day business. And it's fascinating!

For manufacturers, tradeshows are the perfect territory to spread the word. However, with so much happening, surrounded by competition, it’s a challenge to grab and hold the attention of passers by.

Bring the inside scoop on your facility through video - it could be just the hook you need. Most information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Video is a powerful way to generate buzz and illustrate your strengths.

Industrial sourcing is largely completed online before a buyer, engineer or project manager has made contact with your sales team.

In the buyer’s journey, video can be a great differentiator - it's a fun and effective way for you to share your story, your culture and the things that distinguish your business from others.

Video can answer a potential investor’s most important question: “Why should I buy from you?”

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Published by Jeremy Knight October 20, 2017
Jeremy Knight